2013 Events

Below are just some of the events that the Knights hosted in 2013. Feel free to see what we have been up to this year.

Christmas Party

Thanks to all who attended the 4th Degree Christmas Party. It was a success. The Yankee swap got very lively, who would have thought that a Duck Dynasty Gea pet would have been so popular.
Tom Christiano

32nd Annual Charity Ball

I want to thank all who worked and/or attended the 32nd Annual Charity Ball. A special thanks to Pete Sylvester its chairman.
Clay Locke

I would like to thank all those involved in the 32nd Charity Ball,Small - Charity Ball 2013 - Pete S. it was a great success. We sold 177 Dinner tickets and I believe every one came. We were able to give away 3000 to our Charities. Thanks to Terry and Jack Ehrig for all the time and labor in planning and setting up. A special thanks to Paul Abate and his fabulous kitchen crew, Jack Ehrig; Bruce Moquin; Steve Soika; Chris Cassidy; Matt Olka; Mike Summerfield; Val Jasinski ; Matt Woodward; and John Wagner. A big thanks to A great MC Harry Tolles. Lisa and Tiffany thank for keeping every one happy with spirits , and Jim Braun and Bill Morrell our duty officers. Thank you Matt and all your servers for a fantastic job well done. Thanks to all who sold ads, and tickets , you made it possible. If I forgot to mention anyone, THANKS.
Pete Sylvester

Thank you to all who attended the Charity Ball, I can not thank enough all of those who helped tear down, set up, decorate, cook clean, serve, bar tend, etc. You made the event a Great Success.
Jack Ehrig
 Thumb - Hall Filling Up Charity Ball
 Thumb - Hall Filled Charity Ball
 Thumb - Wine and Reading Charity Ball
 Thumb - Presentations Charity Ball
 Thumb - Mike Charity Ball
 Thumb - Joe and Wife Charity Ball
 Thumb - Bar Crew Charity Ball
 Thumb - Kitchen Crew Charity Ball

Columbus Day Picnic

We thank everyone who helped set up, cook and all who attended the Columbus Day Council Picnic, especially the youngsters. We had a great time and everyone stayed around and chatted. The food was great and the fellowship even better.
Rick & Joan Fugaro

Father's Day Pancake Breakfast

Thank you to all Knights and their families for supporting the Troop at the Father's Day Pancake Breakfast. We thank the Council and Paul Abate Chairman of the Mothers Breakfast for the donation of the left over supplies. We hope you all had a Very Happy Father's Day.
Mike Olka

Mother's Day Breakfast

Kitchen Crew Mothers Day Breakfast I want to thank all the families for supporting our annual Mother's Day Breakfast. It was a huge success. I also want to thank Jack Ehrig, Jackson Ehrig, Steve Soika and Chris Chmely for helping with the cooking and cleaning up.
Paul Abate

St. Patrick's Day Dance

St. Patrick's Dinner Dance was a great success. Thanks to all who sold tickets, tore the hall down, set it up, decorated it, cooked, cleaned, served, tended bar, or attended. Further details at the April Council Meeting.
Jim Heffernan

Run For Life

The Run for Life festivities for Thursday Feb.14 were extremely successful. Many thanks to all who supported the runners, the Mass, prayers, the dinner and the generous donations. We were very well supported and had standing room only. We had 15 Knights many with their families. We had 12 Scouts and 4 Scouters several had their entire family. Thanks to the Boy Scouts of our Troop 481, their parents and scoutmasters for helping with the entertainment, the serving, the kitchen cleanup. Thanks to all who, cooked, bought the food, put the runners up, who took pictures, attended Mass, helped set up, clean up and all those who generously donated deserts. Thanks to Fr. Chris, Matt Horner, and Anna Mae of St. Teresa's who made the facilities available and were a great help. Donation from the dinner and Friday morning after Mass totaled $1,942. Thanks again to everyone and if we can come up with a list, we will personally thank them in next month's bulletin. We are discussing the idea of having the Spagetti dinner at our Hall next year.
Jim Voor

Clergy Night

I want to thank everyone who helped in any way and all who attended for an extremely successful Clergy and Religious Night. It was a real illustration of the Knight's and their family's appreciation for our Clergy and Religious. The food was great; thanks to Paul Abate and Jack Ehrig and their kitchen crew.
Terry Tesdall

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